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Filled with highly practical and medically sound guidance, The Modern Trophy Wife gives women the tools to strengthen, deepen or revitalize themselves and their relationships. Noted psychiatrists Dion Metzger, MD, and Ayo Gathing, MD, are both renowned for their ability to speak with inspiring wisdom and humor on important matters of the heart, mind and spirit.


Metzger and Gathing redefine what it means to be a trophy wife today and guide you on the path to becoming. They share key elements of psychology with practical and wise strategies to guide you towards deeper relationships, meaningful work, better life balance and happier homes.

About the Authors

Dr. Metzger is a Board Certified Psychiatrist, Professor and Health & Wellness Media Expert who has been featured on The Doctors, NBC News, CNN’s HLN network, and in The New York Times.  She has provided her expertise through features on many media outlets discussing relationships, marriage, work/life balance, parenting, sex and other wellness topics. Her motto of “better mind, better life” encourages her audience to prioritize their mental health in life’s balance.

Ayo Gathing, M.D.

Dr. Gathing is a Board Certified Psychiatrist, Author and Media Expert that specializes in building healthy families, innovative health solutions, and decreasing the stigma of mental illness.   She brings a psychological perspective to modern concepts such as relationships, parenting, career planning, and use of technology with features in national media including CBS Good Day, HLN Weekend Express, and The Huffington Post.  As a brilliant writer and dynamic speaker she inspires others while imparting her knowledge of medicine with strategies for maintaining wellness.